MIOYO PETROLEUM is based in Dallas, Texas and is a global company. representing a revolutionary approach to buying and  selling oil products and commodities . We pride ourselves in knowing our clients  and meeting there needs with a  personal and professional  approach..  Our objective is to establish a long term working with our clients, ensuring that a sound understanding of their needs are met

Mioyo provides an array of products and services to the African market

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GREEN OLIVES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED is our project development company for Nigeria.  Through this company we were able to development GREEN OLIVES MEDICAL CENTER which is designed to be the largest and the best medical center in Africa and one of the best in the world, with one of the highest densifies of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science and translational research. Dental clinic public health, pharmacy, air ambulance and other health related  area for women and children.     Nigerians along spend over five billion dollars a year traveling outside of Nigerian for check up and medical treatment and when completed they will no longer have to leave there on country for these services.  The hospital is designed to have the world best state of the art facilities with top class physicians, scientists, researchers and other advanced degree professionals in the life science field. 

The medical center will be affiliated with some of the best the top hospitals in the United States.  The CEO  of Mioyo has went above and beyond to secure the $1.8 billion needed for the project to become a reality.

Our Promise

MIOYO GLOBAL  is our Nigerian Based  Holding company. which operates in a  sophisticated business environment in Nigeria and the West African market  and we provide a powerful strategic import/export and manufacturing platform for achieving  a global competitive advantage.  Our focus is creating economic development and job creation for the markets we work in.

​MIOYO DESIGNS based in Dallas, Texas  we can offer you retail furniture at wholesale prices because we don't have the overhead the big retail stores have.  We purchase our inventory from most of the same furniture manufactures as the big retailers.  We can deliver the same day in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.  CLICK THE LOGO TO READ MORE

Our promise to the African market is our company  will do everything  in it's power to make life better for the people  when you do projects in any country Mioyo work in.

MIOYO INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED formally known as ADVANTAGE SECURITY VENTURES LIMITED  is our installation company in Nigeria.  Among many other clients, we proudly engineered and designed, the Security Tracking System for SHELL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY OF NIGERIA LIMITED which has been installed in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  Our company was the first in the world to install a solar powered survenlance tracking system in Nigerian . We can provide elect

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