Mioyo International based in Dallas, Texas continues to bring together the companies extensive

development experience, technical depth, financial strength and access to markets required to be a

leader in the African Market. We are not a finance company nor are we offering to buy or sell any

securities, but what we have a unique way of funding our own projects.  We have sold over $7.6

million dollar in Armored and other vehicles in the Nigerian market.   

Mioyo International is a business development company that market  products and services to African

countries on behalf of manufacturers, distributors and our own products. U.S. manufacturers and

distributors are finding African Market to be a very lucrative market to do business in. We make it easy for our clients and find the products they need. We know how to deal with U.S. and Nigerian Customs regulations and import restrictions to make projects run smoothly.  As stated we have a unique way sourcing funding for projects and we can fund any project provided to our any of our companies. Mioyo International LLC., has team up with Green Olives Business Development to develop in Nigeria one of the largest hospital's in Africa.

The company was the first company to get level B6 Armored Vehicles into the country of Nigeria in 2007. The largest companies in America and Canada could not get vehicles into the country of Nigeria and they are multi-million dollar companies. So we have the knowledge and understand how to do business in Africa.

Gerald Walker has spent over fourteen years in Nigeria and the West African Market and has built insurmountable relationships in that market. His book Why African American Fear Doing Business In Nigeria has spark the interest of many Americans to take a serious look at the investment opportunities in Nigeria and other West African Countries. He has inspired many Americans to start their business in Nigeria and the African market. Because of him blazing a trail in Nigeria, many U.S. companies are not interested in doing business there.

Through Gerald’s speaking engagements and educating Americans in the U.S. about how to do business in the West African Market has allowed him to created relationships will many investors that are willing to invest in Nigerian and the West African Market. Mioyo and Gerald are committed to bringing investors and funding their own projects in the African Market because it is a win because it creates jobs in  American and West African Market.  It is the companies passion to focus on creating much-needed employment for women in the African Market.